Trying to be Spring

ey yo

The weather keeps trying to be spring and failing. It’s a bit draining, really. Yesterday was gorgeous but with work, I was inside all day. Still, getting to see sunshine through the big front window as heartening. Today is more rain but at least it’s not miserably cold.

The cat is being obnoxious and trying to lay half way on my lap, half way on the keyboard while I type this. Every single time I sit down, he wants to be on my lap. This can’t be comfortable. Cats.. am I right?

So I bought a car two weeks ago. It’s an Audi A3 1.8T. I’m calling her Ripley (quiet but powerful and sexy in a badass way). It’s the nicest, most expensive thing I’ve ever bought. As a result, I’ve virtually stopped shopping. Which is good, I think. I finally got my ColourPop order with the Matte X Lippies in it and that’ll hold me over for for a while. Although I’ve been jonesing for the Becca Luminous Afterglow Palatte and the ABH Contour Kit and this Ted Baker London bag. I’ll wait. My birthday’s not that far. And there’s other stuff going on besides shopping.

  1. Greg lost his younger brother. Greg and I have known each other since second semester of Freshman year. He’s been my best friend since Sophomore year. If I could pick a person to be my actual brother, it would be Greg. He lost his dad a couple years ago. And now this. I can’t even imagine. But Greggy, if you’re reading this, I love you so much, man, and we’re all here for you. Carlos group texted, so, you know, the support is real if you need us.
  2. Shred got shot. He’s going to be ok. He’s so tough and good. His tibia shattered, so they gave him a gnarly titanium bar. Six weeks to walking, five months to skate. Go show him some love if you can. He likes Otterbeins, cool gem stones, good vibes and sour gummy bears. I’m working on getting him a couple TechDecks.
  3. Pa’s been gone a year now. Mother’s Day and Gram’s birthday were still good. We got to be together as a family and love on her and each other. I’m proud of my family. I miss him, though. Especially his goofy laugh. “Hi, hon!” The Donald Duck voice.
  4. Donald. Effing. Trump. Just…
  5. Now something up: Chad is opening La Food Marketa. I’m so excited for this next big venture. He’s (because he’s insane) making me Director of Operations, to help him get everything up and running. I am so stoked for this. It’s going to mean a lot of running around, buying things, talking to people… all things I love. And working with Chad and his team has always been a good challenge for me. We’re shooting for late August/early September opening. Stay tuned.

Upcoming posts:

  • Make up- ColourPop and beyond, swatches of the new stuff, my favorites.
  • Marketa – when I can get out there and take pictures and talk more about the style of cuisine and some cool things we’re doing.
  • What’s in my bag- I’ll probably do this one next, TBH.
  • Snippet of the novella I’ve been working on.
  • Music- my recent finds highlights playlist.



Trying to be Spring

All at sea again…

Been listening to Echo & the Bunnymen since this morning. It’s been that kind of day. Ryan, our friend Bubz and I went to see them at The Fillmore in Silver Spring last August. They were terrific, even now. I listened to their latest album, Meteorites all the way through today and man, it’s pretty good. Still, nothing beats Ocean Rain  for me.

It’s been a pretty intense week. Some good, some bad.

My sweet cousin, Tarrah, came and visited Baltimore and hung out with me on Sunday night and Monday day. That was pretty delightful. We just went to the Market for snacks, Golden West for a cocktail, then home to watch a bunch of trailers and then Mean Girls, because it’d be a while since we’d seen it. Monday we went to Donna’s, which I will NEVER do again, with Ryan and then gal pal left.

I did my taxes. They’re done. I just have to mail them. Flippin’ taxes. Sigh. Plus the Private Kitchen group changed everything around and I had a small panic attack. But Todd & Linds made it work, as usual, and everything turned out beautifully on Tuesday night.

I worked my first Tuesday night. I did night shift, actually. It will be fun to have one night a week. Plus, I’m still blown away by having Sundays off. Not even sure what to do Saturday night! And of course I’m probably just going to blow my Sunday morning by sleeping through it. Although, that might be a treat in itself.

Yesterday morning, Ryan made us breakfast tacos. It snowed. We did the laundry/ went to CVP and hung out with Joe for a couple hours. Came back home, watched a bunch of Twin Peaks, which is still so incredible to me, and ordered Chinese. It was a pretty idillic day off.

I finally booked a dentist appointment and went to see Dr. “Fuzzy” Norris. My dad has been going to him for years. He’s the old style, movie type dentist– run down office in the top of an old run down building. It’s just him and his equipment shoved around in a cramped little space. No flash of fluff, and definitely know nonsense but he knows his stuff. Also, I’m cavity free, guys. So there’s that.

Some really deeply sad things have happened to some dear friends of mine. And since it’s not my business to talk about, it’s fitting that I don’t really have the words. But if you’re reading this, you know who you are, and I’ll tell you again that I love you so and if I can do anything at all, I will.

The sad stuff kind of had me through a loop today. The world is looking fairly broken lately. And sometimes I just go insane with rage at this thought: the Thing that made all of this is supposed to be perfect? How does that work out? I suppose the answer is that the Maker didn’t make it broken. But if one made something with the foreknowledge that SN would be AFU, how perfect could one be just doing it any way? Wouldn’t that be a little bit like sadism? Why not just come up with a different plan, especially given that the Thing is also supposed to not only be benevolent but also omniscient? On another given day, I would probably argue vehemently against what I just said. But it’s today and that’s where I’m at. I’m angry at this Thing, and hurt on behalf of those who are hurting, and I don’t really know where to direct those energies, so I suppose here will have to do. Anyway, if you saw me and I was kind of a space ghost today, that’s why.

In other news, Daniel McGarrity took some shots of Chad, Johnty, and myself on Tuesday. He sent them to us today and they’re pretty good. So I’ll end on that, a big smile.


All at sea again…

dancing in September

I went away this weekend to my “Aunty” Victoria’s cabin in Strasburg, VA. It was absolutely gorgeous. I went to get some work done and accomplished a bunch. The first draft of Nothing But Flowers (working title) is done. If you’re a friend and a reader and feel like giving me notes for the second draft, I’d be happy to send you the .pdf.

I’ve started looking for literary agents again, a process I dread and put off as long as possible but which is so necessary. Unless anyone knows a publishing company looking for fiction about unconsciously depressed hallucinating world traveling girls. If so, guess who’s got two thumbs and the book they’re looking for.

Working on a short story. I’m not quite sure of the direction I want to go with it, but I’ve just got to put something out so I don’t lose momentum. Bug me about it.

This weekend, today really, I finished Jonathan Lethem’s Fortress of Solitude. Woof. I’m going to have to read it again in a year or so. Just to re-process. And also, I’m picking up a copy of everything else he’s ever written. To be read after I finish Frey’s still-enjoyable lie-ography. And The Orchard Keeper by Cormac McCarthy. Because the best time to read the dark stuff is when it’s getting to be winter… not. Anyway, I’ve got some good inspirational stuff stored up that Mom gave me to counteract it all.

I’ve been doing a little volunteer work to organize the Taste of Hampden event on the 24th. I’m pretty stoked. I love catering (The Food Truck will be there, obviously) and this will be a great event. You should check it out and support the Family Center by buying tickets (only $35).  Tomorrow the Food Truck is doing an event at the Cylburn Arboretum. I’m stoked. I love that place.

I miss the Virginia people, ‘specially Lauren and Alirio. I’m proud of my friends and their life together and how adult they are. I was expecting myself to be a little jealous and self-conscious but happily, it’s a pure feeling of joy for them. Which is… relieving, I guess? Also, missing Jen Messer. If you’re reading this, girlfriend, I will not forget about you. We will see each other again, girlfriend. And New York people? The Kids? I’m coming soon to a Big Apple near you, ok? Last time was a blasty blast, let’s do it again. Before Jay gets married at least. Jeez.

I’m terrible with blogging lately. I’m sorry.

I’m going to post a mix soon. I’ve been listening to some really good vinyls. Picked up a near mint copy of Disraeli Gears. Phenomenal. And if you’re a comic book nerd like me, pick up the new X-Men series. It’s up to issue 5 now and the story and the art are great. I’ve gotta go back and swing some back issues of a few different comics to catch up on Battle of the Atom. I’m getting nerdier and more microcosmic as I get older. If you can call being twenty-five “older”.

Anyway, have a great rest of weekend, guys.


dancing in September

No.190: This one

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been blogging for McLain Wiesand and I guess it’s been satisfying my blogging needs. But in the interest of writing to write and writing to update, I’m going to try to keep this thing more up to date.

Today I got a hair cut. It’s fairly medium, I guess, but I needed it to keep up the Great Grow Out of 2013/14. It’ll be long again eventually.

Work has been fun, lately. I’ve been doing a bunch of catering with the big boss. It’s fun, it pays well, and I’m actually learning a lot. I’m trying to find a way to train in restaurant management, so if anyone hears of anything, let me know.

Something I’m going to start doing is reviewing books I’m reading and records I’m listening to, or at least talking about them. Even old ones (which it will probably mostly be, because I’m silly).

For my birthday, Dad got me a new awesome HTC One, so now I’m communicative again. Both my dad and my friend/co-worker Ryan bought me a bunch of records. I’ve been listening to them on this crappy portable record player and loving it. This morning was all T-Rex. A week ago, I could not stop listening to the Best of 5th Dimension. If you’re ever having a crap day, just throw on “Age of Aquarius (Let the Sunshine In)” and YOU WILL FELL BETTER.

Also for my birthday, my parents planned a night for me and my mom at the Ritz Carlton in VA. Got a massage and my nails did and got to watch crappy action flicks and eat junk food with my mom. Best. Then on my actual birthday, got a bunch of kids to go to Golden West and be silly with me.  Fred came up Wednesday and we went to Johnny’s for lunch. I liked getting to show him around and stuff. I lucked out in the parents department, folks, lemme tell ya.

Followed that with Friday night’s party upstairs at Zissimo’s.  I met Sonja Sohn, KIMA FROM THE WIRE! The awesome Flying Faders and American Folklore, put on a great show and we raffled some stuff off, raising a bunch of money for the Hampden Family Center and the Christmas Parade. Sunday, I went to Westminster with Eric for his mom’s birthday. Got to meet his sister, Emma, who was a scary idea but is very cool. I love getting out of the city for a minute, seeing actual grassy hills and valleys and stuff. Plus, we had potato salad.

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2013-08-02 23.01.16-1

An amazing weekend overall. And yesterday wasn’t too shabby either. Worked at McLain Wiesand- a pretty productive morning.  I wrote a bunch. I’m working on a few things right now, really trying to get some things together to submit for publication. And by Christmas, look for one of my novels  to be self e-published on either Google or Amazon. Last night I also go to have dinner with my Baltimommy at TFM, which was so pleasant. Finished the night with Bob’s Burgers (which is hilarious, just watch it).

I want to have a bonfire at my house soon. We’re clearing the yard out this weekend and it’s gonna be way habitable.  After pay day, this girls’ going to Walmart to get ALL of the anti-mosquito stuff. Demon creatures.

So there’s that.
I’m gonna start linking to playlists I’ve been making and listening to a lot, so you should probably get Spotify so you can hear it and admire my awesome taste (lol).

So listen to that and Christina just made soup. There’s butternut squash and broccoli in it. I’m gonna go.


No.190: This one

No. 189: Homie

So I’ve gotten pretty settled in. My room is where I’d like it to be for a while. Filled with all my silly collection and now with real bookshelves and a bed skirt and new rug and all.

The house is nice. I like living in a big house and Sarah’s not a bad room mate. Although using my  fresh towel and throwing it on the ground makes my brain hurt. That and now we have ants. But whatever. It’s a great spot in a great neighborhood. We have a huge yard and it’s gorgeous because Sarah knows plants.

Working at the Market goes between being extremely rewarding and making me want to slap myself in the face for not having a career going at 25. Same with McLain Wiesand, I suppose, although it’s so gorgeous, the work is helpful and I’m not there every day. I got a call from a marketing firm yesterday but I don’t know if I can work in marketing. Having a soul and all.

I think it’s that I haven’t been writing a lot. April and I talked about it and I think we’re going to write together on Saturday and then go to yoga, which sounds phenomenal . Mum’s coming up tomorrow, which I’m excited about. She hasn’t seen the place. I’m making stew because, yet again, the weather is going to turn to crap.

Today’s rain is alright, though. It feels like it should be. Yesterday was so gorgeous. Baltimore weather is supposed to be kind of  like a fickle woman, I think.

Spence moves to California today. I got to say bye before he left. It’s weird and sad but I’m excited for him. Things didn’t turn out the way we wanted but we still love each other. I  just hope he doesn’t move out to San Francisco,  create Cyberdine for Facebook and kill us all, is I guess what I’m really trying to say.

My car is still in the shop. I peeled all the shellac manicure off my nails again, although this time it’s not so bad. It’s Thursday, which is technically my Friday. And so it goes.

Here’s some photos of spring so far.

No. 189: Homie

No.176: i know i know

I know, I know. It’s been a while. I’m not very computer present these days. But I’ll try to be better. I know it’s only been a couple of posts since my last one of these but I’ve been finding some good stuff lately, so I thought I’d share.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Tom Waits and Tom Waits inspired music lately. Maybe it’s because I need a little rasp in a wet spring. Also because the short stories I’ve been working on lately are about real people and their anecdotes sensationalized and Tom Waits has created an entire persona out of sensationalized anecdotes. It seems fitting. I’m only half way through the third chapter but it’s a good read.



I heard about these from beautycrush, Sami, my favorite beauty vlogger. I think she got them from someone else. Anyway, I went with the more bronzey look since I’m not keen on the average bronzer and I’m really loving the glowy, dewy look they give. I think I’ve linked her before but here’s the links to her vlog and to the particular highlighting video.



I found the orange set on for like $17 or whatever and I’ve heard a lot of great things about the buffing brush in particular. Well believe the hype, ladies and gents. These are great soft brushes that get the coverage done, are soft, and don’t shed. If you’re looking for a good starter set, I recommend these. I also recently picked up the ELF powder brush which I like a lot and the Real Techniques blush brush, which is also great and big and fluffy and gives the really soft blush look that I prefer.



Lately, when I haven’t been listening to Waits (or Joe Strummer or Otis Redding or Yo-Yo Ma & Chris Thile), I’ve been listening to good jazz. Lately, that’s been primarily Mingus. MINGUS MINGUS MINGUS MINGUS is another personal favorite but I think MINGUS AH UM is an almost perfect jazz album for me. It’s gorgeous.

That was short and sweet but there it is. I’ve been working a lot, at 16 TONS and DOUBLE DUTCH BOUTIQUE but also trying to get back to writing AND working on my stupid, nerve-wracking pitch letter (Hey Literary Agent I don’t know, please validate my work and existence. Signed, noob). So there’s that. Bug me about the pitch letter. It has to go out by the end of June. Seriously. This is getting ridiculous now. I also start hostessing at the Food Market this week. Finally open! Excited for Chad’s amazing menu and getting this place going.


No.176: i know i know