Trying to be Spring

The weather keeps trying to be spring and failing. It’s a bit draining, really. Yesterday was gorgeous but with work, I was inside all day. Still, getting to see sunshine through the big front window as heartening. Today is more rain but at least it’s not miserably cold. The cat is being obnoxious and trying […]

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All at sea again…

Been listening to Echo & the Bunnymen since this morning. It’s been that kind of day. Ryan, our friend Bubz and I went to see them at The Fillmore in Silver Spring last August. They were terrific, even now. I listened to their latest album, Meteorites all the way through today and man, it’s pretty good. Still, nothing beats Ocean […]

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dancing in September

I went away this weekend to my “Aunty” Victoria’s cabin in Strasburg, VA. It was absolutely gorgeous. I went to get some work done and accomplished a bunch. The first draft of Nothing But Flowers (working title) is done. If you’re a friend and a reader and feel like giving me notes for the second draft, […]

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No.190: This one

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been blogging for McLain Wiesand and I guess it’s been satisfying my blogging needs. But in the interest of writing to write and writing to update, I’m going to try to keep this thing more up to date. Today I got a hair […]

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No. 189: Homie

So I’ve gotten pretty settled in. My room is where I’d like it to be for a while. Filled with all my silly collection and now with real bookshelves and a bed skirt and new rug and all. The house is nice. I like living in a big house and Sarah’s not a bad room […]

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No.176: i know i know

I know, I know. It’s been a while. I’m not very computer present these days. But I’ll try to be better. I know it’s only been a couple of posts since my last one of these but I’ve been finding some good stuff lately, so I thought I’d share. WILD YEARS: THE MUSIC AND MYTH […]

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