Trying to be Spring

ey yo

The weather keeps trying to be spring and failing. It’s a bit draining, really. Yesterday was gorgeous but with work, I was inside all day. Still, getting to see sunshine through the big front window as heartening. Today is more rain but at least it’s not miserably cold.

The cat is being obnoxious and trying to lay half way on my lap, half way on the keyboard while I type this. Every single time I sit down, he wants to be on my lap. This can’t be comfortable. Cats.. am I right?

So I bought a car two weeks ago. It’s an Audi A3 1.8T. I’m calling her Ripley (quiet but powerful and sexy in a badass way). It’s the nicest, most expensive thing I’ve ever bought. As a result, I’ve virtually stopped shopping. Which is good, I think. I finally got my ColourPop order with the Matte X Lippies in it and that’ll hold me over for for a while. Although I’ve been jonesing for the Becca Luminous Afterglow Palatte and the ABH Contour Kit and this Ted Baker London bag. I’ll wait. My birthday’s not that far. And there’s other stuff going on besides shopping.

  1. Greg lost his younger brother. Greg and I have known each other since second semester of Freshman year. He’s been my best friend since Sophomore year. If I could pick a person to be my actual brother, it would be Greg. He lost his dad a couple years ago. And now this. I can’t even imagine. But Greggy, if you’re reading this, I love you so much, man, and we’re all here for you. Carlos group texted, so, you know, the support is real if you need us.
  2. Shred got shot. He’s going to be ok. He’s so tough and good. His tibia shattered, so they gave him a gnarly titanium bar. Six weeks to walking, five months to skate. Go show him some love if you can. He likes Otterbeins, cool gem stones, good vibes and sour gummy bears. I’m working on getting him a couple TechDecks.
  3. Pa’s been gone a year now. Mother’s Day and Gram’s birthday were still good. We got to be together as a family and love on her and each other. I’m proud of my family. I miss him, though. Especially his goofy laugh. “Hi, hon!” The Donald Duck voice.
  4. Donald. Effing. Trump. Just…
  5. Now something up: Chad is opening La Food Marketa. I’m so excited for this next big venture. He’s (because he’s insane) making me Director of Operations, to help him get everything up and running. I am so stoked for this. It’s going to mean a lot of running around, buying things, talking to people… all things I love. And working with Chad and his team has always been a good challenge for me. We’re shooting for late August/early September opening. Stay tuned.

Upcoming posts:

  • Make up- ColourPop and beyond, swatches of the new stuff, my favorites.
  • Marketa – when I can get out there and take pictures and talk more about the style of cuisine and some cool things we’re doing.
  • What’s in my bag- I’ll probably do this one next, TBH.
  • Snippet of the novella I’ve been working on.
  • Music- my recent finds highlights playlist.



Trying to be Spring

no.151: what’s in that thing, bricks?

You’re in the car and you put your purse in the passenger footwell and you get out of the car and ask your passenger to hand you your purse and they invariably go “What’s in this thing?!”
Well, I’ll tell you…

the bag. a Christmas gift from the wonderful Jenny Morgan. it’s got amazing pockets, a great lining and straps that I can’t possibly bust. it’s the perfect size to fit all the crap i carry without being uber-mondo.

kindle. always carrying it around now. great for waiting rooms and reference.
what is a healthy church member. i talked about this a couple posts ago. it’s great. also, very light.
moleskine journal. i love the red ones. in this i keep lists, dates, thoughts, story notes.

i don’t go anywhere w/out these things.
sunglasses. i love my raybans, a birthday gift from my dad. and since i hate smudgy glasses, always a cleaning cloth.
orbit. i’ve always been a big gum chewer. i love the orbit taste and duration. plus the packaging design is cute.
wallet. vintage from Yesterday’s Rose in FFX. not even going to bother you with all the crap that’s in it.
headphones. urbanears, Plattan, in Mocha. Clare Rich & I highly recommend these & they come with an in-line mic & audio control.
ipod. i have way too much music to keep on my phone so i tote this everywhere. gotta have my full discog of the Mamas & the Papas!

iphone. i love this stupid thing. and it’s massively useful for research and communication. also, gorgeous.
notepad. featuring British propaganda. gift from husby. grocery lists, notes, bright ideas, phone numbers.
novel. lately i’ve been carrying around chapters from my novel so i can edit when i get free time. know what’s harder than writing a novel?
second drafting a novel.

tide pen. Kendall P and I have strong feelings about our Tide Pens. I have one in my car, one in my purse and one in Spencer’s nightstand.
pens. the Pentel needle tip .5mm ballpoint liquid gel. one in black, one in blue. i like options.
hand food. hand lotion by Soap& Glory from Sephora. i’m not wild on the fragrance but that’s b/c i’m not wild on fragrances. but my hands get dry and cracky in the winter time and this stuff makes them all better and it has a fabulous finish on your skin.
lip gloss. Lustreglass lip gloss from MAC, in  Morning Glory. I like it. It’s shiny without being obnoxious and while initially a bit sticky, it blends really well.
lipstick. Bare Minerals lip color in Ripe Fig. I’m a big fan of Bare Minerals makeup and this is a yummy purple that I get a lot of compliments on.
lipbalm 1. Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Honeysuckle. I got this in place of the MAC Gaga lipstick b/c I wanted a nice nude. I like it when I have on noticeably eye make up and minimal lip color. it feels very yummy and low oil.
lip balm 2. Smith’s Lip Balm in Minted Rose from Rosebud Perfume C. This stuff is my new jam. It’s tint free, tingly and delicious. Super healing and gives you just a hint of shine.  picked mine up at Anthropologie but it’s also available in both pot and tube forms at Sephora and Urban Outfitters.

So that’s that. It snowed last night in Baltimore. Husby and I are in our jams for the day, videogames and reading.
Enjoy your weekend!


no.151: what’s in that thing, bricks?