God, I don’t even move until July and I already have all kinds of frustration and anxiety about it. I’m actually pretty good at moving but it’s just such a DRAG. That being said: anyone want a black leather 3-seat couch? $40! No idea if the new place will hold all my stuff but we’re […]

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Day 6

Six days smoke free. Four days of new job. Two months til house move. Taxes and healthcare are Scylla and Charybdis. Life is pretty good.

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When I was 5, I had a crush on Ivan. He was tall (at least I remembered him that way), had long dark hair (this was the 90s), and bright blue eyes. I will remember forever the rough, dirty blue jeans and the dark blue cotton of the New Freedom Flooring t-shirt. Ivan worked for […]

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Coffee for Breakfast

Brisk and breezy. I bask in sunlight so long overdue. The world wakes up reluctantly from the dark and, today in the chill, the hope of spring breaks like yolks over this town, oozing down into the seams of the horizon.

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Really been doing a terrible job at this blog updating thing, huh? The books is being worked on. Not quickly. But I’m editing a couple pages a day at least. Keep making myself “writing practice” at least ten minutes every couple of days and have committed to my mother to write at least a couple […]

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someone’s gotta help me dig

So… Two people have sent back edits for my first novel. I’m working through those but to be honest, not working on it the last month and a half has been such a relief. I’m slogging through the redrafting but ugh do I not want to any more. Still, there’s a desire for completion that keeps […]

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