Trying to be Spring

ey yo

The weather keeps trying to be spring and failing. It’s a bit draining, really. Yesterday was gorgeous but with work, I was inside all day. Still, getting to see sunshine through the big front window as heartening. Today is more rain but at least it’s not miserably cold.

The cat is being obnoxious and trying to lay half way on my lap, half way on the keyboard while I type this. Every single time I sit down, he wants to be on my lap. This can’t be comfortable. Cats.. am I right?

So I bought a car two weeks ago. It’s an Audi A3 1.8T. I’m calling her Ripley (quiet but powerful and sexy in a badass way). It’s the nicest, most expensive thing I’ve ever bought. As a result, I’ve virtually stopped shopping. Which is good, I think. I finally got my ColourPop order with the Matte X Lippies in it and that’ll hold me over for for a while. Although I’ve been jonesing for the Becca Luminous Afterglow Palatte and the ABH Contour Kit and this Ted Baker London bag. I’ll wait. My birthday’s not that far. And there’s other stuff going on besides shopping.

  1. Greg lost his younger brother. Greg and I have known each other since second semester of Freshman year. He’s been my best friend since Sophomore year. If I could pick a person to be my actual brother, it would be Greg. He lost his dad a couple years ago. And now this. I can’t even imagine. But Greggy, if you’re reading this, I love you so much, man, and we’re all here for you. Carlos group texted, so, you know, the support is real if you need us.
  2. Shred got shot. He’s going to be ok. He’s so tough and good. His tibia shattered, so they gave him a gnarly titanium bar. Six weeks to walking, five months to skate. Go show him some love if you can. He likes Otterbeins, cool gem stones, good vibes and sour gummy bears. I’m working on getting him a couple TechDecks.
  3. Pa’s been gone a year now. Mother’s Day and Gram’s birthday were still good. We got to be together as a family and love on her and each other. I’m proud of my family. I miss him, though. Especially his goofy laugh. “Hi, hon!” The Donald Duck voice.
  4. Donald. Effing. Trump. Just…
  5. Now something up: Chad is opening La Food Marketa. I’m so excited for this next big venture. He’s (because he’s insane) making me Director of Operations, to help him get everything up and running. I am so stoked for this. It’s going to mean a lot of running around, buying things, talking to people… all things I love. And working with Chad and his team has always been a good challenge for me. We’re shooting for late August/early September opening. Stay tuned.

Upcoming posts:

  • Make up- ColourPop and beyond, swatches of the new stuff, my favorites.
  • Marketa – when I can get out there and take pictures and talk more about the style of cuisine and some cool things we’re doing.
  • What’s in my bag- I’ll probably do this one next, TBH.
  • Snippet of the novella I’ve been working on.
  • Music- my recent finds highlights playlist.



Trying to be Spring

No. 189: Homie

So I’ve gotten pretty settled in. My room is where I’d like it to be for a while. Filled with all my silly collection and now with real bookshelves and a bed skirt and new rug and all.

The house is nice. I like living in a big house and Sarah’s not a bad room mate. Although using my  fresh towel and throwing it on the ground makes my brain hurt. That and now we have ants. But whatever. It’s a great spot in a great neighborhood. We have a huge yard and it’s gorgeous because Sarah knows plants.

Working at the Market goes between being extremely rewarding and making me want to slap myself in the face for not having a career going at 25. Same with McLain Wiesand, I suppose, although it’s so gorgeous, the work is helpful and I’m not there every day. I got a call from a marketing firm yesterday but I don’t know if I can work in marketing. Having a soul and all.

I think it’s that I haven’t been writing a lot. April and I talked about it and I think we’re going to write together on Saturday and then go to yoga, which sounds phenomenal . Mum’s coming up tomorrow, which I’m excited about. She hasn’t seen the place. I’m making stew because, yet again, the weather is going to turn to crap.

Today’s rain is alright, though. It feels like it should be. Yesterday was so gorgeous. Baltimore weather is supposed to be kind of  like a fickle woman, I think.

Spence moves to California today. I got to say bye before he left. It’s weird and sad but I’m excited for him. Things didn’t turn out the way we wanted but we still love each other. I  just hope he doesn’t move out to San Francisco,  create Cyberdine for Facebook and kill us all, is I guess what I’m really trying to say.

My car is still in the shop. I peeled all the shellac manicure off my nails again, although this time it’s not so bad. It’s Thursday, which is technically my Friday. And so it goes.

Here’s some photos of spring so far.

No. 189: Homie

No.185: Cracker Jack

Hey gang,

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged. Life got weird and sad and has now settled out to just very different.

If you haven’t heard, Spencer and I are no longer together. I’ve moved in with my friend Sarah and am loving my new place.
It’s sad when things don’t work out, and hard. But Spence and I both think this is best for going ahead with your futures. We’re amicable and I still love him very much. We (and, you know, everyone) wish we’d waited a little longer before getting married. We’ll see where life takes us and I will always be grateful for him for our life together.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Life now:

  • I love Lake Montebello. I life a few blocks from the Zeke’s Coffee house, which is too cute. 
  • Working at the Food Market again. I love this job but it’s probably not a career. Although if I don’t get anything else, It will suit. I have time to write and see people, which is nice.
  • Applied for Teach for America. Not sure how it will go. I forgot some key experiences that would’ve been helpful to include in my application. Still… finger’s crossed, because that would be amazing.
  • Applied to be Studio Coordinator for the Columbia branch of School of Rock, which would be right up my alley. So we’ll see how that goes, too. The whole interview, the GM’s small dog was trying to eat my shoe laces so I wasn’t exactly the most focused I’ve ever been in my life.
  • Actually writing and submitting stories lately. Trying to come up with something good for the NPR 3-Minute Fiction competition. The theme is a voicemail and it’s proving to be surprisingly more difficult that I thought it would. If you know of any good writing competitions or any publications looking for submissions, please let me know.
  • THE RAVENS WON THE SUPERBOWL! Holy Cow. It’s great to be a Baltimore girl these days.
  • My aunty’s back in VA. So stoked. And so’s Mom I think. Can’t wait to go home this weekend and see my girls and my fam. I love MD, but I miss that silly NoVA place now and again.

So there’s that. I’ll try to start updating regularly again. As best I can.

No.185: Cracker Jack

no.171: it was good



Spence and I got the iPad 2  Wi-Fi for the plane ride to Hawaii b/c he needed to work on a midterm and reading. His laptop battery life is for naught. When the pad3 came out, the 2 jumped down like $150 so it was much more reasonable. I have been resisting the iPad craze since it started. But I’ll tell you something- it’s gorgeous. It has a lot of great apps. With Pages, Spence had a pdf reader and a document editor. I was able to work on a short story by the pool. Plus, there’s games. We’re big on Settlers of Catan. And I’m a Monopoly nut. I love having a bigger device to edit my emails on and I can do work on the web without lugging my laptop everywhere. I’m not saying get one. But I will say that if you decide to, it’s worth it. If you’re going to use it.



We found this when we were in Hawaii. When we started dating (THREE YEARS AGO, sheesh), I hated dark beers. And now I’m working my way towards being a Guinness drinker. But not quite. I am a porter girl now, though. And this one is particularly good. Extremely flavorful, extremely filling. Great with a burger.



I first saw Bowerbirds when Mike took me to a Mountain Goats show as one of our first dates my Sophomore year of college. BB were the opening act. I loved them then, the mixture of high and sweet and low and smokey voices and the bluesy acoustic sound. I lost sight of them for a while but they’ve come back with The Clearing , a album tribute to their year of building their dream house in the woods together and going through the toughness of being married. The singles are great, the album is solid. Give it a listen on Spotify or buy it on Amazon. It’ll be worth it for good spring music.




I’ve had Tart Deco by Essie for a while now and pull it out as soon as the weather starts to be sunny. I love it for fingers or toes. The RIMMEL Lasting Finish Pro in English Rose is my new favorite thing. I’m not really sure when or why I started liking pink again but I did and I do and this color is wonderful. I like it better than the Avon Strawberry I’ve been wearing on my fingers but I do still love that polish for my toes. The Scotch Naturals in Leprechaun Lynch isn’t one I own yet but I’m desperate to try their stuff. They’re $15 a pop, which I usually reserve for my Deborah Lippman and Butter London  obsession but I may have to shell out the dough to have that pretty bright green.



The sixth book in the Saxon Chronicle series came out in March and I made myself wait until I finished Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Mad King before I got it. Bought it before the plane ride back from Hawaii and I’m about 60% through. I’ve missed Uhtred so much, and the invading Danes and all the great history. Cornwell is an incredible story teller and it always prompts me to look up more Danish/Nordic culture and Saxon history. Anyway, it’s great and I’ll be crushed when it’s finished, obviously but if you’ve never read them, I highly suggest picking up the first book (The Last Kingdom,   $8.55 paperback, $6.99 Kindle) and getting busy.


Alright, a short one, I know. But updates were needed. I’ll be doing a Baltimore Beauty post at some point next week and a  life update.  Tonight, there’s a cocktail hour for the new art hanging at 16 Tons in Hampden from 6-9, and a Good Friday service at my church, the Garden @7. Come out if you’re looking for a great time of fellowship.  Until then, Happy Passover and/or Easter.


no.171: it was good

No.165: leer

I’ve been reading a lot lately, which is good.
Gide said that “to read a writer is not merely to get an idea of what he says but to go off with him and travel in his company”, so I suppose I’ve been having some good adventures.

Finished the Dark Tower series byStephen King.

I never thought I’d be so emotionally invested in a series by Stephen King but heaven help me, I am. Gunslinger- Dark Tower, all quality writing. A couple of times I thought he was going to lose me (just around Wolves of the Calla and Song of Susannah ) but he pulled through. And the ending… at first I felt a little like I did at the end of the Sopranos. But then much like my feelings about the Sopranos finale, I softened and understood and I think he did a fine job. Props, Stephen.



The Great Siege of Malta 1565 as I’ve already shared. I’m further through it now and while I know it’s history and I could just look up what happened on wikipedia, I’m excited for this book and the development. And excited to finish it and start writing a historical fiction!


The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino.

Borrowed this form Michael at Carma’s Cafe  (an upcoming Baltimore Beauty) like three days ago and I’m 50 pages in and completely engrossed. One of my favorite books of all time is Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. I read Allende’s House of Spirits searching for something like it. And having found The Baron in the Trees, I think I’ve  gotten there. It has the same many layered feel without feeling like a copy.  Calvino is a magical realism wizard. His short stories got me through boring Sems classes in college.  I’m so happy to find his long form is just as good if not better.


Next in the queue I have the last Saxon Chronicle by Bernard Cromwell. These have been fun reads and also inspirational for me so I’m both excited and a little anxious b/c it’s the last one. Also I plan to read Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game because it’s embarrassing that I haven’t already. And then Graham Greene’s The Quiet American, I think.

Read. Let me know what you’re reading and if you have any good recommendations. I usually read two or three things at a time and am looking to start a book club of sorts, maybe over Google Hangout??


No.165: leer

No.164: Baltimore Beauties

This week, Baltimore based band LANDS & PEOPLES

Because you ought to.

 Caleb and Beau are day dream machines. Not entirely sure what I mean by that? Have a listen.  I’m particularly fond of “Ghosts” (featured in this Impose article Premiere)  but their whole full length, “Pop Guilt”  I think will be really good. You can pre-order their record, coming out on 12″ vinyl with special art work. It comes with rights to the digital download. Only 300 pressed!If you’re a Charm City dweller, you should go to their album release party on March 9th @ the Soft House (Copy Cat). Should be good times.

No.164: Baltimore Beauties

no.162. Baltimore Beauties: 16 Tons


I’m starting a new segment featuring my particular favorites amongst baltimore’s offerings.
to get the ball rolling, 16 TONS, where i was just hired.

 “Timeless Goods for the Modern Gent”, reads the tag line of the one-room shop on Hampden’s “Avenue”. Directly across from the very tasty Golden West (another h. favorite), 16 Tons offers a perfectly curated selection of men’s clothing and accessories. We like the Naked & Famous denim, nice raw selvedge stuff. Lots of lovely Ben Sherman, and a new import of gorgeous pocket squares (my first sale!). Daniel Wylie, the shop’s owner (and incidentally, the husband of Double Dutch owner Lesley) also stocks a variety of vintage shaving accessories and quality facial products for men. The decor is a mix of vintage prints and knick-knacks and showcase of local artists’ work.

Visit their facebook page or follow them on twitter.

I’ll be working on Mondays, just for a change of pace.
Come say hey.


no.162. Baltimore Beauties: 16 Tons