Quote Romans 1:27 to me one more time, go ahead…

Warning: This thing is all over the damn place and I am not trying to make friends.

I believe in God. Big G.

And I wrote this whole long post which starts to outline where I am in faith as of now. But it’s not the point. There’s a lot of reasons why I write the below, and a lot of reasons why my mind may change in twenty years, but here’s where I am, and “it is what it is”, as the kids say.

In my belief of a God, possibly the one of the Abrahamic Christian faith, I have to ask myself if I believe in the Bible (which I have read and studied, somewhat thoroughly, though by no means exhaustively over the last 10 years)? Let’s say this– I don’t not believe in the Bible. I’m not 100% sold on the current interpretations. But I’m (being perfectly, shamefully, honest here) too lazy to learn ancient Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and archaic Roman, so as to comprehensively understand the full meaning and context of the original texts that comprise the Bible. I’m willing to bet that 90% of the Christians I know are in the same boat. But beyond all that, if God is real, I can’t believe He’s the one that hates gay people. I can’t believe that Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness and Self Control embodied hates homosexuals and thinks homosexuality is an abomination. It doesn’t makes sense.

With that being the case, I can’t say I agree or disagree with the full interpretation of Romans 1:27. What I can say, as a person who lives in this our modern world and has studied a good amount of the ancient one in which the words of Romans 1:27 and its surrounding verses first appeared, is that possibly, it’s being used as a way to shame and oppress people who have as much validity and holiness to their lives as everyone else. …

…. I started writing this whole historical exploration of sexuality in Rome during the Empire, when Paul wrote Romans, as sort of a think piece on Romans. Highlights include the fact that it was mostly about Christians who abandoned the faith and became idol worshippers who were boinking pagan temple priests… But then it felt a little pedantic and beside the point, because no matter of historical context or reasoning will get through to the people I’m frustrated with. The whole point of having a blog is some lame sense of self expression, I suppose, so here’s the whole point of me writing, what I really wanted to say:  Shut. Up.

“Christians” who are pissed about gay marriage being legalized in America. Just shut up. “Christians” who are “broken hearted” for America— this is what has you sad?! Seriously? Not the completely counter-Biblical exploitation of the under privileged or the hunger epidemic, or police, governmental and corporate corruption, or racism, or the subjugation and brutalization of women, all of which is RAMPANT in America.

What has you grieving for our nation is that two women or two men who love each other deeply, have committed to each other wholly, and accept each other unconditionally can get married now?  All of that, btw, being consistent with the Biblical message of marriage. How about if they were abstinent til marriage? Is it the “out of wedlock” that has you so sad/miffed? Or is it that they have the same physical parts?

And all of you who “have gay friends”- do you “grieve” for them in their “misdirection”… do you act this out towards them face to face? Or do you shun them? Or worse, are you their friends to their face and then when you get home, or when you’re by yourself at your desk, post this ignorant, facile message on your Facebook?

Shut up about Romans 1:27! If you believe it is God’s law, then shouldn’t you also believe it is God’s problem. If you really believe, shouldn’t you also believe that God has more ju-ju than the SCOTUS? The US is 21ST in the world to legalize gay marriage. TWENTY-FIRST. If the Big G was so pissed at the fact that male humans and women humans (not to mention several species of animals that God created) are bumping their synonymous uglies, don’t you think God could have handled that situation already? Like say, when men were serially raping each other and the visitors to their towns of Soddom and Gomorrah, which, btw, is why the towns were destroyed. Not the gays. The rapists. Lot, btw, later boned his daughters. Nothing condemning in the texts there, we’re just supposed to get from the text that you shouldn’t drink to much, or sometimes you commit incest…

Before you post something about how sad you are because of the willful turning from God, or whatever phrasing you’ve come up with to cushion your blows, here’s some more verses for you:

1 Corinthians 11: 27-32:  So then, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. Everyone ought to examine themselves before they eat of the bread and drink from the cup. For those who eat and drink without discerning the body of Christ eat and drink judgment on themselves. That is why many among you are weak and sick, and a number of you have fallen asleep. But if we were more discerning with regard to ourselves, we would not come under such judgment. Nevertheless, when we are judged in this way by the Lord, we are being disciplined so that we will not be finally condemned with the world.

People in the church were getting wasted and feasting while others starved, or struggled with alcoholism. Those verses were an exhortation to Christians to examine themselves carefully before taking communion, to search out whether they were doing it with a pure heart. The verses warn that Christians who act out their “Christian duties” without thinking through the true meaning of Jesus’s message are calling judgement on themselves, and that judgement is God’s to enact.

If you are concerned with the world, with what’s happening in it, first think about why you’re concerned and how you’re concerned, and think about how you’re really supposed to act, and then get off of Facebook and go pray about it. And then better still, go do something actually productive to help America is its areas of real failure and spiritual decay.

 What you’re doing is helping no one, least of all God.

Quote Romans 1:27 to me one more time, go ahead…

Still Here

Ok, so I haven’t been the best with updating this thing. So I guess I’ll post this stop gap post and give you something fun later this week. 

I bought a Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker yesterday. I’m setting up my fitness game, working out more, tracking nutrition and exercise. It’s not the most fun and exciting project of my year but I think it’ll be good. I need to challenge myself more physically, as my job has a lot of me standing and sitting. I’m moving around and lifting heavy things less than I used to. I’m aiming at losing 10lbs by the end of May, and toning my muscles back to where they used to be. So we’ll see how that goes. 

In other news, the Creative Alliance Marquee Ball went really well, with happy guests and client, and I got to see Bosley perform, finally, which was AMAZING.  

The weather is incredible. I always forget how much better everything feels when winter breaks in Baltimore. Everyone is so much happier, the energy of the city changes. I love it. 

And Hilary is running for president (which, duh). This should be interesting at the very least. 

What I’m reading:

  • Age of Apocalypse, Vol. 2, Various Authors: I’m waiting on Age of Ultron to come in the mail, but gearing up for the next X-Men, too, since they released all the casting choices. Pretty good. 
  • The Drawing is Three, Stephen King: the second book of The Dark Tower series. I’m rereading them because it’s been a few years now and I miss Roland. 
  • Une Saison en Enfer, Charles Rimbaud: Do not remember what prompted me to buy this but so far it’s beautiful. There’s a pretty long, really nice timeline of his life in the beginning and I learned a lot. 
  • The Empty Throne, Bernard Cornwell: the eight book in the Saxon Tales, from the perspective of Uhtred’s son (also Uhtred). So far so good, but i know what’s coming historically and it’s kind of a bummer for my favorite characters, so…

Coming up next: What’s in the Bag, babe? 

Happy Monday, yall. 


Still Here

Step One

Step One: Join up for the gym.

Step Two: Actually go to the gym.

So far, step two is going ok. I mean, that I’ve been once since we signed up on Wednesday. I attempted to get up the nerve to brave the weather and go today. But it’s 16 degrees. So… instead I utilized the mostly helpful Nike Training Plus app and had a good in-home work out. Sans running, of course. I’m sure my downstairs neighbor loved all the froggers I was doing as it was, without the scrambling back and forth like my demented cat.

I haven’t given up on blogging. And my “quitting” didn’t go quite as well as I’d planned. But I’ve definitely been smoking much less, and an end is in site.

Stay tuned, you know?


Step One


Been out of it all day.

My great aunt Nell died this morning. I never met her, but she was dear to my grandfather. It’s been a rough year for that side of my family and I haven’t been a part of any of it really. I’m trying to decide whether or not to drive down to Franklin on Wednesday, just to be there with my family. Part of me thinks it’s the right thing to do and part of me thinks it’s be… To use the stupid phrase from Singles, “emotional larceny”. Like chicken necking to see how bad the car crash is. There’s a need for some sort of explosive catharsis in my right now and I don’t think that would be the place or reason for it. Just seems like there’s a lot of bad, hard stuff going around right now. I want a really bright happy thing to happen. Just to someone! And I get to hear about it, maybe.

At least I figured out how to get the stupid effing printer to work without having to pay someone to do it.

Plus, Courtney’s about to bring over chili.

And Peter seems happy.


So at least there’s that.



All at sea again…

Been listening to Echo & the Bunnymen since this morning. It’s been that kind of day. Ryan, our friend Bubz and I went to see them at The Fillmore in Silver Spring last August. They were terrific, even now. I listened to their latest album, Meteorites all the way through today and man, it’s pretty good. Still, nothing beats Ocean Rain  for me.

It’s been a pretty intense week. Some good, some bad.

My sweet cousin, Tarrah, came and visited Baltimore and hung out with me on Sunday night and Monday day. That was pretty delightful. We just went to the Market for snacks, Golden West for a cocktail, then home to watch a bunch of trailers and then Mean Girls, because it’d be a while since we’d seen it. Monday we went to Donna’s, which I will NEVER do again, with Ryan and then gal pal left.

I did my taxes. They’re done. I just have to mail them. Flippin’ taxes. Sigh. Plus the Private Kitchen group changed everything around and I had a small panic attack. But Todd & Linds made it work, as usual, and everything turned out beautifully on Tuesday night.

I worked my first Tuesday night. I did night shift, actually. It will be fun to have one night a week. Plus, I’m still blown away by having Sundays off. Not even sure what to do Saturday night! And of course I’m probably just going to blow my Sunday morning by sleeping through it. Although, that might be a treat in itself.

Yesterday morning, Ryan made us breakfast tacos. It snowed. We did the laundry/ went to CVP and hung out with Joe for a couple hours. Came back home, watched a bunch of Twin Peaks, which is still so incredible to me, and ordered Chinese. It was a pretty idillic day off.

I finally booked a dentist appointment and went to see Dr. “Fuzzy” Norris. My dad has been going to him for years. He’s the old style, movie type dentist– run down office in the top of an old run down building. It’s just him and his equipment shoved around in a cramped little space. No flash of fluff, and definitely know nonsense but he knows his stuff. Also, I’m cavity free, guys. So there’s that.

Some really deeply sad things have happened to some dear friends of mine. And since it’s not my business to talk about, it’s fitting that I don’t really have the words. But if you’re reading this, you know who you are, and I’ll tell you again that I love you so and if I can do anything at all, I will.

The sad stuff kind of had me through a loop today. The world is looking fairly broken lately. And sometimes I just go insane with rage at this thought: the Thing that made all of this is supposed to be perfect? How does that work out? I suppose the answer is that the Maker didn’t make it broken. But if one made something with the foreknowledge that SN would be AFU, how perfect could one be just doing it any way? Wouldn’t that be a little bit like sadism? Why not just come up with a different plan, especially given that the Thing is also supposed to not only be benevolent but also omniscient? On another given day, I would probably argue vehemently against what I just said. But it’s today and that’s where I’m at. I’m angry at this Thing, and hurt on behalf of those who are hurting, and I don’t really know where to direct those energies, so I suppose here will have to do. Anyway, if you saw me and I was kind of a space ghost today, that’s why.

In other news, Daniel McGarrity took some shots of Chad, Johnty, and myself on Tuesday. He sent them to us today and they’re pretty good. So I’ll end on that, a big smile.


All at sea again…