Oh, Hello!

Soooo…. it’s been a while….. how are youuu?

I can’t sleep so I decided to troll my old blog posts from 8 years ago and found this. And because I can’t sleep, here it is:

10 bands/artists you’ve been listening to lately
1) Brenton Wood
2) Fleetwood Mac
3) Oscar Peterson
4) Led Zeppelin
5) Sugar Ray (Shut up, I know)
6) The Police
7) The Replacements
8) MF Doom
9) Cat Power
10) Etta James

9 things you look forward to
1) Getting the hang of bartending
2) Summer
3) Vacation
4) Finishing the re-re-re-edit of my first novel
5) Starting my third novel
6) Ryan
7) My Dansko’s coming in the mail
8) Pay day
9) Seeing Ma

8 things you like to wear
1) Bowie t-shirt
2) Ryan’s Fawkyumean shirt
3) new jean jacket
4) Ry’s hockey sweatpants
5) “I Ain’t Sorry” gold necklace from Brightside
6) Apple Watch
7) white zennioptical classes
8) gold ring from Madewell I never take off

7 things that annoy you (most of these are the same from when I was 20)
1) when someone talks over a show
2) writers block
3) decaf
4) weak coffee
5) nickelback
6) ingrown hairs
7) almost everything Trump says or does

6 things you say most everyday
1) hullo
2) duh
3) yes
4) nah
5) heard
6) nice

5 things you do everyday
1) kiss
2) play very loud music
3) drink coffee
4) sigh
5) dance

4 people you want to spend more time with
1) mum
2) tess
3) meredith w-h
4) tarrah

3 movies you could watch over and over again
1) armageddon
2) mr. right
3) gladiator

2 of your favorite songs at the moment
1) “so it goes”, nick lowe
2) “swingin’ party”, the replacements

1 person you would spend the rest of your life with
1) bill murray, obvi.


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